About us

Feldwinkel is a collaborative, self-managed, solidarity-based co-living project at Schwabenheimer Hof in Dossenheim. We are a group of 10 adults and 9 children / teenagers aged 1 to 53. Our project is part of the Mietshäusersyndiakt and therefore provides social sustainability and affordable housing in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region by making the housing unsaleable. Our further goals are expressed in our self-image.

In winter 2020, our project acquired two houses and an adjacent building plot in Schwabenheimer Hof in Dossenheim. Schwabenheimer Hof is beautifully situated directly on the Neckar, a few kilometers away from Ladenburg and Heidelberg. Eleven people have already been living in Feldwinkel since early summer 2021. Currently, we are in the planning phase for a new building with living space for another 12 adults + children.

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