Feldwinkel enters a new phase!

After many months of intensive group work with our architects (1000 thanks Planwirkstatt!) we have submitted our building application to the municipality of Dossenheim. We are happy, excited and also a bit proud. 2023 can start. This is really a model project for the region: flexible living space, shared use, rented without profit (MHS), built from renewable raw materials (wood/straw/clay) passive house standard.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to what is to come!

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and Supporters of Feldwinkel,

Thank you very much for your ongoing support. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and much peace and hope for the new year.

Your Feldwinklers

Online-Information session on 29.11.2022 

Do you want to learn more about us? You don’t quite understand how direct loans work? Are you interested in supporting our self-managed, sustainable and solidarity-based housing project? Then come to our next online info session on 29/11 at 8pm (Tuesday)*. Pre-registration is not necessary. We look forward to seeing you!

Click directly the Zoom Link to join the meeting.

PS: A corresponding online info event is now held every other Tuesday. All events will be announced on our homepage and via our Instagram account.

*The event will be held in German

Interest rates are rising… also here

The current developments in the banking sector have not left us unscathed. We have set ourselves new goals in order to continue moving toward affordable rents in the new house We are increasing our direct loan volume for financing by €400,000. Currently, we have raised about 700,000€ of the targeted 1,300,000€ in direct loans. Many thanks to all our supporters!

With immediate effect, we have also adjusted our interest rates. A Feldwinkel direct loan now gives up to 2.5% interest. If you want to benefit from this by signing a loan contract, please contact us. Together we are building a sustainable future!

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Online-Information session on 15.11.2022 

There is so much to do: housing shortage, social isolation, loss of common property through privatization, climate change. We want to be part of the solution! Our idea: we build the house of the future. Built from wood/straw/clay, self-managed by the people who live in it, not for sale, rented without profit. A space for cultural diversity.

Our timing is bad. Money and wood are expensive right now. We urgently need your support. We are looking for people who are willing to lend money to the Feldwinkel in the form of a “direct loan”. Your direct loan will be used to build a sustainable house, from which we, the community, the region and the environment will benefit enormously for years to come. The money will be returned (with interest) at a time determined by you.

If you are interested in supporting our self-managed, sustainable, solidarity-based housing project, please join us at our next online info session. Pre-registration is not necessary. We look forward to seeing you!

Click directly the Zoom Link to join the meeting.

Tour du Syndikat Edition Autumn 2022

Same proven concept, new bike route: this time the tour leads us through Mannheim to Schwabenheim! We offer an autumn tour through the Delta on Saturday, October 8th 2022 for all housing project members and for interested visitors.

As previously, the goal of the joint bicycle tour is to better connect the Mietshäusersyndikats projects in the Rhine-Neckar Delta, to get to know the residents personally, and to open doors, exchange ideas. It is for everyone who wants to get to know the concept of the Mietshäusersyndikat and at the same time explore the existing alternative housing landscape in the Rhine-Neckar Delta.

Start: 11.00amEsperanza
Meeting point: Abraham-Lincoln-Allee 7, 68309 Mannheim
12.30–2.30pmSWK, 13 Hektar Freiheit, UmBau Turley
(lunch, guided tours, information booths about co-living projects in the region)
Address: Fritz-Salm-Straße 10, 68167 Mannheim
3.45pm–open endFeldwinkel
(grill, bonfire)
Address: Ortsstraße 6, 69221 Dossenheim-Schwabenheim

We are looking forward to another tour of discovery through the Mietshäusersyndikatslandschaft Rhein-Neckar!

We celebrate in the rain!

Dear Friends of the Feldwinkel,

Our summer festival will be at least as festive in the rain as it would be without it! Come by and get wet, or stay dry under our many patio roofs!

We are looking forward to seeing you 🙂