The summer of good life comes to Schwabenheim

This summer the magazine Oya invites everybody to connect by visiting each other, telling stories and singing together – the slogan being ‘Oya takes place’. Many different places around Germany offer the possibility to experience this summer of good life. Also we as the Feldwinkel community are marked on the Oya-map as such a place and are happy to host you with prior notice. Maybe we can be the start or the end of your hike? Maybe you bring us some stories or questions we can share at our fire. In any case we are looking forward to your visit and the summer.

All participating places, first stories, songs and more information can be found via

Spring in Schwabenheim

Although cooler this year, spring has definitely arrived to Schwabenheim.  Renovation of the bungalow is progressing rapidly and and our neighborhood is blooming with colors! Check out some FW highlights from the past two months in the gallery below.

It is official – the renovation of the bungalow has begun!

This true fixer-upper, built in the 60s, has a lot of potential and we are determined to bring it back to its full glory. We packed a lot of work into the shortest month of the year – tiling, new electrics, painting and ordering of a new wooden floor – to reach this goal and make the space livable by early summer. Many thanks to Karl-Heinz Eilers for his help and input last weekend! Stay tuned for more updates on our progress 🙂