The earth is shaking!

From months of planning, discussions, worries and challenges now suddenly becomes something very real! The earth is shaking. The construction of our new house has officially begun!

By the way: our construction fence is see-through. So whoever wants may easily watch how unsellable common property is created here 😉

We are part of the Mietshäuser-Syndikat!!!

We are very happy to share the latest news from the Feldwinkel with you: we are part of the Mietshäuser-Syndikat!!!

This weekend we had the opportunity to present our project at the MHS general meeting. It was an exciting time for us with many good discussions, constructive input and networking on all levels. In the end, our main aim, which we have been pursuing steadily since the project’s foundation, was realized: the Feldwinkel was accepted into the big family of the MHS!

Now we are: UNSALEABLE, SOLIDARITY-BASED, SELF-MANAGED. This is the Feldwinkel in the MHS and this is what it will remain. NO PROFITS with the RENT.

A big THANK YOU to our advisors, supporters, to our strong regional network MHS Rhine-Neckar-Delta and to ALL who kept their fingers crossed for us. Also many thanks to the hosts in the beautiful Kooperative Schloß Gersdorf, to all MHS projects that were there and the organizing team. What a fantastic, community-led weekend! We are already looking forward to the MHS meeting in Heidelberg in the fall!

Feldwinkel enters a new phase!

After many months of intensive group work with our architects (1000 thanks Planwirkstatt!) we have submitted our building application to the municipality of Dossenheim. We are happy, excited and also a bit proud. 2023 can start. This is really a model project for the region: flexible living space, shared use, rented without profit (MHS), built from renewable raw materials (wood/straw/clay) passive house standard.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to what is to come!

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and Supporters of Feldwinkel,

Thank you very much for your ongoing support. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and much peace and hope for the new year.

Your Feldwinklers

Online-Information session on 29.11.2022 

Do you want to learn more about us? You don’t quite understand how direct loans work? Are you interested in supporting our self-managed, sustainable and solidarity-based housing project? Then come to our next online info session on 29/11 at 8pm (Tuesday)*. Pre-registration is not necessary. We look forward to seeing you!

Click directly the Zoom Link to join the meeting.

PS: A corresponding online info event is now held every other Tuesday. All events will be announced on our homepage and via our Instagram account.

*The event will be held in German