New building

A new building made of wood, straw and clay

Together with the carpenters at Grünspecht eG from Freiburg and our architects Karin and Ralf Vogel from Planwirkstatt, we are building a house from renewable resources (wood, straw and clay) in the highest energy efficiency class. This new building with its approx. 570 m² of living space will enrich the two old buildings that we already occupy as a community with several apartments, numerous common rooms, a WG-friendly floor plan and flexibly usable rooms. The three buildings facing each other will be extended by the divided garden with courtyard character and the various terraces, verandas and communal balconies.

We spent the first half of 2022 working intensively with our architects on the floor plans in order to submit the building application in December 2022. In the early summer of 2023, we plan to start the foundation work here in Schwabenheim, while at the same time the wall, ceiling and roof elements of our house will be prefabricated in the halls of Grünspecht. Already in late-summer 2023, within a few days, we will be able to admire the construction of the rainproof shell on site.

We can’t wait!

Our visit to Grünspecht eG in August ’22

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