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The financing of our project (acquisition and renovation of the existing houses as well as purchase of the building site and a new building) is done with a mix of bank credits and private subordinated loans. These private loans are viewed by the bank as own capital and are thus a requirement to fulfil the own capital quota of the bank (ca. 25%).

If you want to support our project – and thus our concern for sustainable, non-profit oriented, solidary and self-governed living space – you can grant us a private loan. The terms are the following:

  • freely choosable interest rate between 0% – 1,5%
  • cancellation period of three months or a fixed contract length

The refinancing of your loan is achieved with our rents. More detailed information regarding our financing model is summarized here. If you are interested to grant us a private loan or you have further questions, please contact us via

Legal disclaimer: Private loans (subordinated loans) are subjected to the rules of the German Asset Investment Act. In accordance with these rules, the Feldwinkel GmbH offers multiple asset investments with different interest rates. Within one single asset investment, the Feldwinkel GmbH accepts no more than a total of 100,000.- Euro within 12 months. Therefore, we have no obligation to draw up a prospectus according to the German Asset Investment Act (statutory minimum limit).

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